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My name is Reshma Chauhan. I am the delightful entity of Escorts Point. I am pursuing my masters in psychology. It is an intriguing vertical to explore more about people and to know their deep secrets. Money is a strongest drug to influence any body. I am also the decipher of this flow. I like to meet new people, make new approaches & and them on limber zone. Independent Bangalore is vocal term to you but the real deal is in the girl who is going to be your mermaid that night. It is a beautiful deal for both of us to spend some quality time together and cherish the random yet memorable union over a couple of beers or some drinks.

What to do when everything changes

Let’s be clear – keeping up with our sexuality is difficult even when things are pretty normal. If we’re lucky we can keep track of what turns us on, what gets us excited, what makes us feel relaxed, what makes us feel loved.

Humans are an ever-moving nebulous Venn diagram of experiences. It’s impossible to compartmentalize a single change. Even something as simple as losing 10 lbs has an effect on our emotions, our relationships, and definitely our sexuality.

Sex after Break

When waking up in the days after bringing a baby into the world, it’s likely that your body feels entirely different. You’ll have felt emotions you didn’t know existed, your relationship with your partner. Doctors and the internet treat sex as if it’s a screw that has been shaken loose and needs to be put back into place just the way it was before the baby. But if everything has changed, maybe this is an opportunity to start a new sexual chapter, completely fresh- independent escorts in bangalore.

While every woman’s first sexual experience after birth is dramatically different, many women say that the only comparison is to the night they lost their virginity. For better or worse. Whether it’s because of the pain and fear, or the nerves and excitement – it feels like the second “first time” for them.

  • Who’s your type?

    Someting You Need to Know

    The truth is, every one of those labels is completely right. And completely wrong. There are people who are turned on by strong bodies. There are others who find big booties and wide waists irresistible. There are short people who want to make love to tall people. There are people who can’t help but fall in love with nerds. Everyone has a type. Most people have many. Don’t get me wrong, this article is not intended to be inspirational. There is a harsh and cruel reality of which I unfortunately have to remind you.escorts in bangalore Although it may sting at first, understanding this may help you let go of rejection and move on from disappointing relationships.

  • The reality of finding love

    Someting You Need to Know

    There is no singular sexual trait that pre-qualifies you for love. Even if you are strong, skinny, smart and hilarious – there are going to be people who aren’t attracted to you. Sorry.

    It’s impossible to be everyone’s type. There are going to be people who care about you or even love you, and still not be attracted to you. Even if you’re gorgeous or stunningly handsome, you can’t be everything to everyone. It doesn’t mean you’re broken, or ugly or unlovable. It just means a person has a type that isn’t you. And it’s not their fault. As far as I can tell, sexual attraction is wildly irrational and unpredictable.

  • Ghosting and Friend zones

    Someting You Need to Know

    Most of us have been on both sides of this conundrum. I’ve dated men who on paper, were everything I could ask for: tall, handsome, brilliant, funny, they even smelled great. But I just didn’t want to make out with them. I tried – but I just couldn’t. I’ve also been “friend-zoned” more times than I count from men who swear they love me, but just don’t want to tear my clothes off. It’s hard not to take it personally.

    It’s also tempting to want to change how you look and what your interests are to fit someone else’s type. Too many people spend a first date (or the first years of a relationship) trying to sniff out their partner’s predilections and shape-shifting into what they think their partner wants them to be. While this skill is impressive, it’s easy to lose yourself in a constantly shifting personality.

  • Self-Awareness is Sexy

    Someting You Need to Know

    A good sexual encounter starts with being honest with yourself. Know what your type is. And be open to the fact that who and what you’re attracted to is constantly changing. Having a strong sense of self- awareness is not just good for your own sanity, it also helps you right swipe on people who are actually your type. Being able to show up as yourself will save you time and heartbreak.hot escorts in bangalore

  • Self-Awareness is also Awkward (for just a minute)

    Someting You Need to Know

    Yes, it will be horribly awkward when you tell someone “I’m not that into you”. And it will be shockingly disappointing to hear those words from someone else. But we are all in this strange world of unpredictable sexual attraction together, so we should consider being brutally honest for the greater good and maybe even cutting each other some slack.


Imagine waking up one day, and seeing that although everything around you look, sounds and smells exactly the same as the day before – except everything is different. Everything.

There are moments in our lives that break our story into chapters. Before the baby and after the baby, while we still have a loved one and after they pass, being in a good relationship and then heartbreak, in a bad relationship and then freedom. We have dozens of these life-altering moments and they don’t just change our lifestyles, they change us on a biological and even a cellular level.

To think that through all of those changes, our sexuality would stay the same is absurd.

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You are enticed to know more about me and dream about me tonight. Without making to floundering Here is the some of me to keep our tacit communication more intrigued. Reshma is derived from the soft & delicate term Resham which tends to be very delicate & leave a tickling nudge which trickles vibration throughout your body. Reshma is a charm who gives nights of sleepless weariness before meeting her. This is how I have maintained from the cradle. I am a native of Karnataka Hilly area. Since childhood I was an active girl leaving the dream of becoming the stellar & bending the desires to my behest. Fitness was in the blood because of the sloppy terrains in my township.

I have a fondness of fitness have maintained my curves since my school days. Many of time that has created brawls among the boys to claim my surrounding. Fortunately, none come that closer to have that royalty. I loved sex stories & that inculcated sexual hunger leading to explore sexual contents thoroughly. It was my early age when I hit the puberty to know more about the art of sex. It would take long to have my first encounter with a guy. This was an arduous decision to take on to surrender myself to someone. By just thinking of that left sensations in my body.

I used to read erotic contents which leave me in the avalanche of lust & the blizzard of my thoughts will make me move and roam in the tale of erotica. I knew that I had to get the taste of the blood, It would be the first of its kind and yet making me irresistible. I want to have a strident yet powerful breakdown to make me weak down the knees. I explored my body looking at the mirror, It was a marvel of the fitness complemented with the inherent beauty. I looked up and gazed my assets they were tender and would be in the shapes in some time.

I was voracious to have that one encounter which would change my sexual status from the virgin to knocked. It will make me the member in the vast community of the sexual pleasers. My tantrums even on my first encounter was thumping on the sexual desires on the guy. The spanking left me on the saddle of the virtual horse for a long time.

We can all agree that everyone is beautiful in their own way. With 6 billion people on the planet it’s likely that someone, somewhere will be attracted to the things that you are. Yet still, we are completely obsessed with understanding what the trends are in sensuality. Every time I come across one of these headlines, I subconsciously search for traces of my own personality in the latest trend. When I find it, the validation feels good? Really good. Like a cheap hit of self-confidence. When the “new sexy” doesn’t quite fit, I quickly explain it away as a media farce.

I am still waiting for “Chubby and anxious is the new sexy”